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Behaviour Management Idea (Source given)

Cards are handed to children when they are doing the wrong thing in class. This avoids calling attention to the behaviour and minimises disruption. 

I LOVE this idea! When you are always telling kids -and often the same ones- to be quiet or sit down etc. it becomes repetitive and they normally tune out until it gets to the discipline point. I can imagine these cards give the child a portion of control, and to also see something concrete to represent a warning, not just constant vocal reminders which blur together, would be great.

I have used physical presence before in a similar way such as coming up and standing beside a student while continuing to teach or quickly tapping their shoulder to let them know I am aware of what they are doing, but I this would also give a chance to talk to the student when they return the card at the end of class before it slips your mind. The main reason I posted this is so I can remember this for prac. I would feel comfortable implementing this without feeling like i was stepping on my host teachers toes.

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